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Sharon Salzberg
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Episode 15

Sharon Salzberg

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Sharon Salzberg joins Mindrolling on location on Maui and shares her incredible clarity and huge heart. She lends a hand to our intrepid Mindrollers on how to navigate the vicissitudes of our complex lives thru awareness, compassion and meditation. As she says, “May the Minds Roll.”


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  • First of all great show… I enjoyed all the shows so far of course… but this one brought up some inner issues with me I thought I might share. I had the pleasure of seeing Sharon at a retreat with ram dass in 2004… She is a wonderful leader of meditation, and I enjoy her talks. It is interesting she talked about before her India experience learning meditation, that she was at woodstock… and how she knowingly giggles… I recall as I meditated, that my previous incarnation was revealed to me in which I was at woodstock, deep in the counter-culture, but as the 70s ended and 80s began, I had fallen from the grace of cosmic consciousness that had been steady admist a tantric exploration for years… and this fall lead to a suicide, through the bardos, and back into this incarnation…

    So forgive me if this is too long, but here goes… the understanding of what exactly happened at woodstock, that sharon knowingly giggled about.

    Now people have been being one on earth throughout the ages, and in India and other places in the East and Africa and certain places in South America, and little pockets of light all around the world… people had celebrations in which the goal was to be one organism of love, be human BEINGs… helping, sharing, loving… the difference with Woodstock, is that it got worldwide media attention and happened in a very materialistic rational or religiously fundie country like America… and it had a HUGE impact on the world consciousness and the consciousness revolution itself.

    Thousands of young people in search of THE ANSWER sensed that something was going to be revealed at woodstock, so they gathered… some had experimented with LSD or meditation or yoga or marijuana or whatever and had a taste of that HERE NOWness, but still… something was missing, they didn’t quite know that they knew who they ARE. A minority of people many of them in bands, some hippies that traveled in buses, or outreach communes, were BEING HERE NOW… and they came to turn on the young kids searching for answers… However, the people funding the whole thing were just interested in exploiting the whole thing for money.

    Then it happened… as people started showing up, Richie Havens started singing FREEDOM! FREEDOM! the walls of seperation started breaking apart, coming down, the HERE NOWness started to rise, the opening of consciousness to the TRUTH through spiritual music… It didn’t matter if it was through drugs, just BEING HERE NOW, meditation, dancing, singing, drumming, listening to the bands, working as a medical person, being a police office keeping the scene safe… it was happening. The concert became FREE and even the financial backers had to admit something very special was happening right in the heart of America. It progressed and progressed but the walls were not coming down fast enough. The government meanwhile that had gotten weather manipulation technology from the benevolent aliens that they interact with, decided to seed the clouds with rain, because they were afraid that a free concert would motivate society towards a communist revolution.

    However, as the rain poured down, people got closer, they held on to their brother or sister, all the walls started to crumble, as the ONE LOVE began awakening at a rapid pace. The rain ended up saving the concert. Even the mud which seemed like a hassle at first, became a playground, of sliding down hills in bliss and here nowness… the organism pulled together in what the media called a “disaster area.” The government had the technology to read the energy levels and saw that the concert was not a threat, but the same dream we all have, world peace… and they became believers in the midst of the war machine, that the world could one day be a better place with this kind of spiritual energy, after all they knew quantum mechanics had proved the spiritual. In the midst of the drumming and the mud, and the aftermath of the rain, the celebration reached it’s peak, as ALL THE WALLS had come down, everyone there was BEING HERE NOW…. The Army dropped flowers and fresh clothes on the revolution of consciousness instead of bombs, the army pitched in too, the cops turned on to the HERE NOW… the scene was VIBING PEACE, LOVE AND ONENESS…

    As the festival died down… many of the hippies knew they had to keep this state of consciousness by BEING HERE NOW, using the present moment…

    Sharon is one of those hippies so to speak, that after woodstock which was clearly a culimination of many experiences, like her college course and psychedelics… that lead her to that meditation course in India…

    Hope it wasn’t too long, if it was feel free to delete this, or warn me if I am taking up too much space or something…

    • Posted by Eric Lang on 02/27/13 •
  • dear ones,
    listening, learning, enjoying your podcasts. thank you!! love.

    • Posted by Durga Julia Sanchez on 02/28/13 •
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