Mindrolling Podcast – Episode 20 – Ram Dass & Rameshwar Das


Raghu and David welcome Ram Dass and his co-author Rameshwar Das, who just finished their new book, Polishing the Mirror. Ram Dass talks about the moment that his life changed when he met his Guru and how that “moment” became viral with so many people. Also revealing discussion around honesty and being at the edge of awakening with dying people.


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  • mary newsham

    Met Ram Dass @Rhinebeck NY mid 80’s. Smiling as I remember a talk on the beach as he went into the water as the group encouraging (loudly) “walk on it..walk on it” Fun times .Had a cassette I played innumerable times wherea meditation with a long pause at the end and out of nowhere came a powerful quiet musical (gong like ) gentle sound.Wish I still had it. What a gift you are to mankind. Love you man

  • Audrey Moritz-Ciancutti

    Way to much conversation/chatter before you bring Ram Dass into the pod cast.

  • elizabeth gellatly

    Thank you- this was wonderful.

    • DavidSilver

      Well, thank YOU, Elizabeth, for listening. It’s challenging to do these podcasts in a vacuum, so every time we get a response, it sort of gives us an impetus to keep doing them. Please don’t hesitate to write again to us if you feel like it, OK? Namaste, David & Raghu.

  • Great podcast as always, this made me think of how I first came to follow Ram Dass and eventually open my heart to having Neem Karoli Baba as my guru… Back my freshman year of college, I had been experimenting with psychedelics, and I found that the only time I felt anything at all spiritual was under the influence of these plants and chemicals. But as I read Be Here Now, the beginning story of transformation of Richard Alpert to Ram Dass, struck a deep chord with me, and when he met the guru, my heart opened and I cried tears of bliss… Suddenly I was in a spiritual awareness, like I had felt on psychedelics, while not on anything, just through reading… This divine voice started reading the middle section to me, as I paged through the middle brown section from bindu to ojas. I understand beyond any doubt that God was speaking to me through this book. I wasn’t reading it, I was listening to it, while merging with God. And the effect this experience had was seeing everything in my life, as part of the journey of awakening, rather then just something I felt while on psychedelics. This podcast inspired me to share that story.

  • Nader

    When I’m listening to you guys it’s like I’m among my beloved family! Keep doing great job guys!

    • DavidSilver

      Thank you so much. Glad you are in there with us…

  • Susan comrov

    You are one of Gods greatest gifts to the world. I have followed your work and now again listen to your tapes daily. We are all one in the One. May you be blessed continuously.

  • Thank You for your energy.

  • Laxman

    I am sharing this because perhaps I am not the only one who has banished themselves to the outskirts of spiritual support or Satsang. Where I am living, spiritual light shines bright because there is so very little of it around. I’m quite ok with it but it doesn’t lessen what I’m missing when I hear Raghu, David, Ramesh & Ram Das allow me to bring my chair so close to their table and listen in on their conversations. I am made to go deep in thought and process, I am made to laugh a smart laugh, I am made to breathe with awareness as I listen to Ram Das slow me down.
    And in the end as I sit here and write this, I feel I have just come out of a meditation……I am calm, I am at peace.
    Thanks for the Satsang all 4 of you gentle men.

    • DavidSilver

      Thank you, Laxman – means a lot, a lot, coming from you. We are seriously enjoying doing these podcasts. Raghu and me too in truth are known (unfairly) for our grumpiness but we are laughing when we’re doing this so we get a lot of out of it too. Trying to be truthful is not an effort when you’re with friends, satsang, others…blessings on you, Laxman, love, David