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Episode 4: Duncan Trussell
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Episode 4

A Chat with Duncan Trussell

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Raghu and David chat with Duncan Trussell, Los Angeles based conscious stand up comedian and podcaster about humor, awareness and the parallels between the late sixties and the Millennial generation, comparing boomer and echo-boomer predicaments and solutions.


9 Comments on A Chat with Duncan Trussell


  • Can’t wait to hear this one – mentioned on Joe Rogan Experience. Powerful!

    • Posted by Steve on 11/02/12 •
  • Can’t wait for this one!

    • Posted by Colin on 11/05/12 •
  • Looking forward to this one!

    • Posted by Noah Lampert on 11/06/12 •
  • Noah, gentle genius that you are – I KNOW WHERE TO FIND YOU NOW so you’ll never get rid of me and my Mindrolling cohorts – have a simply splendid Thanksgiving…speak soon

    • Posted by DavidSilver on 11/21/12 •
  • As they say in Jamaica – “soon come!” Enjoy and keep commenting – we like that…have a terrific holiday, Colin…

    • Posted by DavidSilver on 11/21/12 •
  • Wow, Joe Rogan eh? – we must be doing something right, right? Stay with us, Steve – we’re just beginning and have volumes of recollections, suggestions to come – thanks for your interest, Steve…

    • Posted by DavidSilver on 11/21/12 •
  • Love the Ram Dass-Duncan Trussell-MindRolling connection.

    Duncan rules and so do you guys.

    • Posted by Noah Lampert on 11/27/12 •
  • Another great episode – fascinating stuff – keep ‘em coming – its good for the universe that this podcast exists

    • Posted by Nate Gowtham on 11/28/12 •
  • Good stuff guys, the world needs as many of these sort of podcasts as it can get.

    • Posted by shaun on 12/29/12 •
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